Grant Director’s Chair

Black leather: Campaign style mahogany in black finish with black opus leather. Nickel details. Hunter´s croc: Mahogany with black/brown hunters’ croc print leather and dark mahogany finish. Nickel details. Orange lizard: Campaign Style with orange lizard print leather, mahogany finish and polished nickel details. Black suede: Mahogany with black suede and burlwood finish. Nickel details.

63 × 59 × 92 cm
Order number:
03 GRA 0401 Black leather
03 GRA 0719 Hunter´s croc
03 GRA 0303 Orange lizard
03 GRA 0201 Black suede

Put yourself in the director’s seat. Whenever and wherever your own dream film takes place, the Grant Director’s Chair helps you keep everything in perspective.

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