Keaton Desk

Mahogany laminated with black canvas, black croc print leather trim and purple suede details. Wooden folding legs in black finish and nickel details.

62 × 78 × 82 cm
Order number: 01 KEA 0601WBL

The Keaton Desk waves goodbye to writer’s block. Especially if you’re looking to weave intriguing tales of far off lands, this desk is an open door to inspiration—but even if the muse doesn’t strike immediately, it closes up in a snap until you’re ready to begin again.


(+30€ shipping)

Crosby Pallet

Wooden frame laminated with tiger eye rattan, black/brown croc print leather and dark mahogany trim. Nickel details.

100 × 100 × 22 cm
Order number: 02 CRO 0912

Then or now—the Crosby Pallet is more than a surface to place objects on, it’s a place to artfully arrange everything worthy of being displayed. This is storage with unrivaled love for detail.


(+100€ shipping)

Fitzgerald Bookshelf

Wooden frame laminated with white wash / Black rattan, beige / black canvas, brown hunters’ croc print leather and dark mahogany trim. Nickel details.

83 × 48 × 150 cm
Order number: 05 FIT 0901 (Black)
Order number: 05 FIT 0902 (White)

Only your most distinguished classics and favorite tomes will find their place on these shelves. A masterpiece in its own right, the Fitzgerald Bookshelf channels a thrilling interplay of modernity and old world precision craftsmanship.


(+150€ shipping)


Charisse Sofa

Stainless steel frame . Black leather with black suede cushion.

177 × 63 × 92 cm
Order number: 03 CHS 0101

Get ready to slide into dreams of distant lands and times long gone by. Good thing there’s plenty of space on top of the two-to-three seater Charisse Sofa to take someone along with you for the ride.


(+300€ shipping)

Day Dresser Rattan

Wooden frame laminated with white wash rattan, square lizard print leather, Campaign style mahogany trim and polished brass details.

108 × 52 × 81 cm
Order number:
05 DAY 0902 Rattan

The Day Dresser makes a good impression from every angle. Perfectly suited for storing away clothing and accessories, bring home the elegance and unsurpassable style you’ve always desired.


(+150€ shipping)